Lulu's Party

The adventures of Oliver, Charlie, and Lulu continue...

The weather is stormy and Lulu is disappointed that she can’t play outside, so she makes a special Rainy Day Treat and plans the perfect party for her friends Oliver and Charlie. But when it’s time to taste the creamy hot chocolate, they quickly realize something went very wrong. Lulu is devastated that her party is ruined, but with some quick-thinking, Charlie and Oliver figure out a delicious solution to save the day!

Want to find out what that solution is?  Of course you do!  Look for Lulu's Party at any bookstore, on, or "cough" directly from me, Kit Chase (and if you do, you will get a signed copy, nudge, nudge). 

Now I happen to think this is a pretty charming little story (and I really wish there was some way I could get invited to the party), but don't take my word for it, see what other people have to say about it:

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal

PreS—Lulu's rainy day tea party with her stuffed animal friends doesn't satisfy her party ambitions, so the owlet invites her friends Charlie (a bunny) and Oliver (a young elephant) to her tree house in the hopes of a more festive occasion. She busies herself preparing decorations and hot chocolate but fails to notice when a box of salt falls over into the open teapot containing the freshly prepared treat. When her friends arrive, Lulu excitedly serves the cocoa only to discover it tastes terrible. She and her friends try adding honey, cream, and more chocolate, but to her dismay, it is still undrinkable. Unfortunately, prereaders may be as clueless as Lulu when it comes to understanding the reason for the disappointing drink. The spread that contains the pivotal moment is wordless. Without assistance, Chase's intended audience might not understand the problem with the hot chocolate, either. Of course, all ends well when Oliver and Charlie whip up some chocolate milk shakes, the sun comes out, and a backyard circus ensues. The watercolor, pen-and-ink illustrations are the highlight in this second "Playtime with Friends" book. As in Oliver's Tree (Putnam, 2014), the characters are portrayed with such earnestness and innocence that young readers will likely enjoy an invitation to Lulu's party. VERDICT This adorable story falls just short of perfection but offers plenty of charm nonetheless.—Lynn Van Auken, Oak Bluffs School, Oak Bluffs, MA

Praise for Lulu's Party

From Kirkus Reviews:

What’s the best thing to do on a rainy day?

To combat a dreary, gray afternoon, a well-intentioned owl named Lulu decides to host a rainy-day soiree in her cozy forest cottage. Warm and cheery ink-and-watercolor illustrations show Lulu’s initial attempts at a tea party, which doesn’t go particularly well, as her stuffed-animal guests are surprisingly silent. So Lulu decides to branch out and call her friends Charlie, a rabbit, and Oliver, an elephant. “Come to my party…I have the perfect treat for a rainy day,” she says. When an unintended ingredient finds its way into her treat—hot chocolate—just before the guests arrive, it looks like her little surprise is ruined. Can Charlie and Oliver salvage the situation? With kindness, determination, and some creativity, they are sure to find a way. Gentle and sweetly humorous, this simple story is a paean to friendship, problem solving, and cooperation, with the childlike and appealing pictures adding an ideal complement. Fans of Chase’s first book about these forest friends, Oliver’s Tree (2014), will not be disappointed, while those just meeting these sweet animals will effortlessly fall in love.

Adorable. (Picture book. 2-5)