• the mailman cometh...

    And look what he brought!

    No, it's not a book. Yet.  But it will be when it's finished growing up (March 2014).

    This happy little package here is just the first proof (along with a save-the-date sort of postcard) for me to review before it's sent to the printers.  After three years of writing and sketching, and tweaking and erasing, Oliver's Tree has finally grown into a reality.  This will be my very first children's book, and I am over-the-moon-excited for the day when I can hold it in my hands and read it to my kids.  But, I feel sorry for my family when I eventually get to see this in stores, I think I may have to be restrained from making public announcements and doing happy dances.

    Can't wait to show you more, especially some fun little announcement cards that I'm in the process of designing.  Those will be included in certain packages to certain customers of a certain shop I could name...  :)

  • wow

    Hi Guys! 

    I feel like I've just moved in and started housekeeping in a brand new little cottage.  To be perfectly honest, I keep browsing around the site and thinking "is this really mine?"  There's still heaps and heaps to do to make trafalgar's new home just right, but at least we're off to a good start and we can start unpacking our imagination bags.  Hope you enjoy your visit here!